Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behind the Scenes

Finally finished digitizing the tapes of Juan with Jason. My eyes are blurry. How strange to be watching everything three months later. Was it only last December?It feels like years ago.

Actually, it was a pretty intense ten days shooting in Tondo. Sure we were tired and unglamorous and sometimes crabby but after watching the tapes, I saw that we were relaxed, fairly happy, and efficient enough to get everything done on schedule. And you know what--we had fun: Marc and his wisecracks, Julia's karaoke moments, Leeroy making strange faces, everyone spontaneously breaking out into song and dance, enjoying Trisha's gourmet meals in the middle of nowhere.

It wasn't a picnic making this movie, but it was far from being a nightmare.

Here's Mateo taking a two-minute power nap .

Watched the sunset from Jason's editing suite. Sat from ten am to twelve midnight. Now that we've seen all the footage, the real work begins...

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