Friday, November 28, 2008

Meet the Gang

It's our day off! Our first day of shooting went smoothly enough, it was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I can only think one day in advance. If I plan too far into the future, I will surely have a mini breakdown.

Anyway, here are the amazing people working on this film...

Mateo Guez (director): this chatty Frenchman with the cute lisp is the captain of our strange ship. We love him to bits. He's single by the way. We're trying to set him up with someone but he's super picky. Go figure.

Francois Dagenais (DOP): likes good food, good wine, and is a total film geek. I must say that Manila has never been shot the way Francois is doing it for this film.

Miss Dawn Dizon, (1st Assistant Director) 25. She's super efficient, always cheerful, very sweet, nurturing, and wholesome. She is living proof that good girls win in the end. Here's Dawn with her pet Leeroy.

Alec Humphries (2nd AD), 22. Alec is a total sweetheart and is very enthusiastic about working in movies. On the set, he acts as translator for Mateo and Francois because he speaks English, French, and Filipino.

The Lovely Julia Nebrija (Location Manager for Smokey Mountain), 24. She's super smart, sassy, independent, funny, and great with people. We would be lost in Smokey without her. Bim-Bim here calls her "Mama Julia" and Mateo "Daddy Macho".

Leeroy New (Production Designer), 22. Brilliant and cute. What more can I say? I want to frame all the watercolors Leeroy has done for our different sets. Apparently he's going to color coordinate the garbage in Smokey.

Kermit Tesoro (Wardrobe), 21. This kid is something else. He's a fashion designer, an artist, an all around magic fairy.

Caio Cadiz (Sound): he's our steady bear. Caio hasn't slept all weekend because he had an out of town wedding. Poor guy.

Trisha Greentree (Caterer), 24. Francois loves her food and that says a lot. Trisha can do pasta with feta, spinach, and squash AND adobo with baby potatoes, among other things. She can also do a pot of minestrone soup with ingredients gathered from the local 7-11.

Juan Caguicla (behind the scenes documentation). My downstairs neighbor and giver of strangely mature relationship advice. Doesn't he look hot in this picture?

And then there's me. Look at those eye bags! And that dorky mask! Oh well. I'm kind of dreading the germs. I have anti bacterial hand gel and wet wipes and a can of Lysol. Of course I'm up against mountains of trash and goodness knows what else so maybe I should just accept it with no resistance.

Someone told me "Germs can't touch you but fear in the mind can." Now I'm fearless. Plus I have those rubber boots.


é. said...

wow, nice crew, and great blog. i'll be following you guys on a daily basis. keep it up, and hold fast, no matter what shitstorm rocks the boat.
and please take care of my dearest matteo - but don't forget to take care of yourself in the process !

Greentree said...

yes he does look hot - greentree, the cook