Sunday, November 23, 2008

To Do List

Off World team working hard on a Sunday

Things To Do:

1) Call Ayala Land and ask permission to use the empty field. According to the Baranggay Captain, Ayala is pissed because a news crew came one day to film without a permit. "How were supposed to know that we needed a permit that day?" asked the good captain. Fair enough. And what, pray tell was the news crew filming? The locals were trying to catch a giant owl in the field. A giant owl. I'm not kidding. The question remains: where is the giant owl now?

2) Call Tondo Gang Leader: O.G. Sacred. Wow. How do I address him? Sir? Chief? Boss?

3) Call IM to confirm meeting. Honestly. She'll be my new best friend if she gives us funding.

4) Watch sunset.

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