Saturday, November 22, 2008

welcome to the edge of the world

Yesterday we did our tech survey in Smokey Mountain. For five hours I was tramping around in the sludge with my trusty rubber boots, a diaper bag, and a 3M dust mask. Despite the mask, my allergies are kicking in today but it's a small price to pay for the whole experience.

Tondo. What a trip.

We caught sunset at the dock behind the dump site. Nothing can beat a Manila sunset. It was quite beautiful even if we were literally standing in shit.

I've been told, "You should write a blog." I've often retorted, "Oh, please." The last thing I want to do is bore people with the minutiae of my daily life. But here I am: standing in the shit and watching the sunset. It's compelling stuff. This whole experience is such a crazy ride. I might as well document it properly.


joediev said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the posts and seeing the film making process through your words and photos.