Monday, November 24, 2008

paging disaster management services

Argh. Technology has failed me again. My phone won't charge!

And today I found out that the fucking film stock is useless. I made twelve million calls to make sure that Francois and the film would arrive safely in Manila, but Air Canada sent the film (not Francois) by mistake to Japan.

Award. For the record, I'm never going to fly Air Canada.

So anyway we had to go back to the airport to claim the film as lost baggage. Apparently the film went through X Ray over and over thus rendering it fully fogged--with waves and dots, kind of like a bad acid trip. Goodbye to our entire stash of 16 mm.

Thankfully Mateo was fairly calm today when he received the news from me and Francois. As my director sucked on his light menthol cigarettes and drank his two diet Cokes, we discussed our options. I had a cappuccino and a single puff.

Suddenly, 35 mm seems like a viable option. At this point, anything is possible.


Tammy David said...

Is there anything else we can do?

ria said...

Hey Tammy thanks so much for all the help you've extended to us! At this point I don't want to stress about it. Palpak kasi ang Air Canada. Bwiset sila. Banban list forever. Hahaha. Wish me luck na lang!