Thursday, December 4, 2008

blogging in bed

It's one am. I Am So Fucking Tired. I need to see my acupuncturist and soon. Day Five was tough, it rained quite a bit and Smokey Mountain is kind of miserable when it's wet. Thankfully we shot indoors today and everything looked amazing.

Today I saw the designs from Kermit T. who is in charge of creating the looks for Mamacita, our
very own fabulous parlor gay. Here are his designs:

This last one we used for the party scene. Lao Rodriguez, who plays Mamacita, looked hot.

Here are the shoes Kermit made. Lao was walking around in them and we were talking about Naomi Campbell's infamous spill on the runway with those insane shoes... In fairness, Lao did a good job strutting around in this pair. These can definitely be used as a murder weapon.

Voila. Here's Lao in full costume for the party scene. Rampa fatale!

Earlier today we shot the first scene in the parlor with Lao (this time in a red jersey dress that showed off his man cleavage) and Marco Morales, who plays Mamacita's boyfriend Kiko. He was giving the neighborhood gays palpitations as he walked around all hunky and shirtless on the set. Don't they make a cute couple?

Marco by the way is super cool. He's very professional, really nice, and so easy to work with. He signed lots of autographs and posed gamely for pictures. One little girl asked him to sign her notebook ten times but Marco was very sweet about it.

Note that Mamacita's parlor is called "Be Beautiful For Him". Honestly. It actually exists--there's a small neighborhood parlor on Kalayaan Avenue with the same name. And now it's immortalized in our film.

All that wonderful production design is executed by Leeroy New (blue shirt) and his boys. I don't know how they manage it.

Actually, I still don't know how we've managed it. We're half way done. "It's a miracle, it's a miracle" as Boy George sang. Ugh. I gotta go to bed. I'm quoting a Boy George song.

More pictures of the party scene tomorrow, I promise.

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