Thursday, December 4, 2008

Toy Drive Updates part II

My friend Jenny Shum in Hong Kong is sending me a box of toys for the kids in Smokey Mountain. Yay!!!!

My old college car pool mate Marie Santos--now Maria Wakem--and her brother Luigi are also sending some toys.

Thanks guys!!!!

I'm going to send the boxes to Father Mike's parish (which encompasses Paradise Heights) and the Day Care Center of Building 7. Our Location Manager Julia Nebrija will help us disburse.

There are so many kids in Smokey Mountain, you cannot imagine. My friend Carlos Celdran is working on getting the RH Bill passed, and I totally support him. There are too many children running around barefoot and bedraggled in this country. Julia has had pregnant teenage moms offering their offspring to her. It's kind of insane.

These are the co-op kids: Bim, Maybelline, and Ren-Ren. Julia and I want to help Ren because we think he's mildly autistic. He's two and looks like a Baby Shaolin. Adorable. But how will an autistic child thrive in Smokey Mountain?

Bim-Bim and Ren-Ren. They are buddies.

Mateo wants to adopt. I'm sure he'll make a great father. He's so good with kids!

Natalie, 2, is super cute and naughty. I want to adopt her. Her mother got pregnant at 15 and left Natalie with her mother, who is only 39. From what I've heard, Natalie's mom is pregnant again--at 17--and doesn't come home.

Natalie's aunt Abigail. She's a tween, super smart, and sweet. She wants to be a reporter when she grows up.

My other favorite Jake and his friend. If I could, I'd adopt him too!

The kite kids on the dock.

Gemma and Heidi. Juan took some amazing pictures of Gemma--she's going to be a stunner, this one.

Thanks to your donations, the kids of Smokey Mountain will have a brighter Christmas.

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