Friday, December 12, 2008

it's a wrap

Last night we had a small wrap party at Penguin in Malate. Fun times! Everyone was there: cast, crew, and various friends. It was very laid back, with peanuts, cold beers, and good music. It also doubled as a mini despedida for Julia, who flew to Florida this morning. The Frenchies are gone, too.

It's been strangely quiet. It's a gloomy day and so far I've spent it in bed--reading, sleeping, and eating Cheetos. Oh, bliss.

I still can't quite believe we pulled it off. Of course, we had a group of amazingly talented people working on this film. Everyone was exactly the right person for the job. Also we had the support and good wishes of family and friends all over the world.

Mateo and I were sitting in the car yesterday, driving through Manila holiday traffic and talking about how this whole experience. It's is kind of a minor miracle. "I felt like I was in the middle of a battle and there were bullets all around, but we were somehow protected from them," he said.

I'm sure the adventure is far from over.

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