Monday, December 1, 2008

Day Three: Welcome To Baranggay 128

Day Three over.

I'm exhausted. Today was kind of a mess because it was our first day of shooting in Smokey Mountain. Too tired to write so instead here are some pictures.

Sunrise over Paradise Heights.

They jeepney getting rigged for the shot. Mateo keeps calling it "gypsy" and I'm always saying "No, JEEPNEY!" Honestly.
Francois doing this thing with the car rig. The shot looks amazing!

There were rumors that Bruce Willis was our star. I wonder how on earth that started. Here's Mateo in the "gypsy".

Julia on her bike. She's got the whole kit: belt bag, walkie-talkie, cap, and her little face towel. What a pro!

Detail of Julia's FODLING BIKE. Did they mean FOLDING BIKE? Because it really folds up. Then again, it's made in China.

It looks just like any other sunny day over any other mountain, only this one is made of compacted trash.

Meet Jake, 7, and Dave, 9. Jake (left) was trying to get my attention by running around saying "I want to be an actor!" He's really cute so we gave him a small part as a kite boy.

Meanwhile, our lead actress Che Ramos puts her face on, while Maybelline watches in awe.

Here we are at Baranggay 128.

"Embrace the apparent chaos." Hmm. Well, I tried. It was kind of crazy.

Downtime for the actors on set. We're sitting in front of a sari-sari store and it seems everyone turned up to gawk at us.

Finally we move to Building 28 in Paradise Heights.

Hello Dolly! Mateo Guez strikes a thinking pose.

Our lead actor Marc Abaya in character.

Inside, Francois adjusts the lights...

... as the pigeons hang out on the rooftops without a care in the world.

Up in five hours. Ugh. Gotta go now.

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